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Building a culture of togetherness

There are a lot of leaders in the business world today who put themselves first. And we all know those types of leaders.

Their egos arrive at the meeting long before walking into that door. These are the types of leaders who take it upon themselves to achieve results. They feel that they must get to the results.

This type of thinking holds them back from delegating and sharing information with their teams. And finally, when they do achieve results, they love to take the credit and be in the spotlight. But when they do not reach the results, they start with the blame game. And let me tell you, these are the same leaders who advocate team building.

If you are a leader like this or know of someone like this, let me tell you something. You can have all the team-building exercises in the world, the retreats, and the Townhall lunches that you want, but if you do not trust your team, if you’re not able to empower the people who you work with, well, you have nothing but a bunch of people who talk about teamwork.

What we need to understand very profoundly in leadership is that the primary duty of any leader is to empower the people who will achieve the results.

A leader is always responsible for the results. Leaders are accountable for their people, who are responsible for their results. And I think we need to get this equation deep down inside of us. It has to sink into us that as a leader, your duty is you are responsible for the people who are responsible for the results.

Like I always say, together, we achieve more. The concept of togetherness highlights the potential, the skills, and the resources from all walks of life. And it deploys all of this for the growth of your people and your organization.

So you’ve got to create a culture of togetherness at your workplace. That’s what the primary duty of any leader is.

I hope this helps in your journey toward success,

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

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Date : 30 January, 2023


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