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How companies and countries can create a digital revolution

A new wave of digital innovation is reshaping the world and the economy, this is a critical moment in history. Some countries will prosper in a new global digital economy but countries that are not ready will risk being left behind. Corporates and countries face distinct challenges as new technologies disrupt global value chains. How can companies and countries create a digital revolution? What does it take to succeed in a digital business era?

I just wrapped up an episode of The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast with Rajneesh Jain on the topic of the Digital revolution.

Rajneesh is the President, CFO of Reliance Jio. Rajneesh has been instrumental in bringing about tremendous growth in the JIO platform. Under Rajneesh Jain's leadership, in 2018 Reliance Jio's finance team won the High-Performance Team of the Year award at the CFO Executive Leadership Summit & Awards. He is also a key member of the Jio Executive Committee. Rajneesh has received multiple industry recognitions on various platforms over the years including featuring in the CFO Power list and multiple 'CFO of the Year' awards. He has also been an active speaker at various universities and youth platforms, to interact with the youth of the country.

According to Rajneesh, India has led the digital revolution with speed and scale. It went from 155th in the world before Jio started to number 1 in terms of mobile data consumption in just 4 years. India now has more smartphones than the population of the USA. Rajneesh says that this would not have been possible without the support of the Indian government. Jio’s impact on internet usage in India has been termed as the “Jio effect” Jio has been a key catalyst in broadband data proliferation in India. While it took 25 years for the Indian telecom industry to build its 2G network. Jio built its 4G network in only 4 years. Jio was conceived to provide the key ingredients needed to lead the 4th industrial revolution.

Hear the full episode to know how long it actually took Jio to start this entire project and bring it to where it is currently, what were the biggest challenges faced by Reliance in this journey , how to develop the ability to convert every adversity into an opportunity and what is it that the other companies can learn from Jio’s successful digitalization journey.

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To listen to the full episode of The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast Click here.






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