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How the top 5% of leaders think

During my coaching , here are some of the patterns of the top industry leaders that I have observed very closely. These patterns would help the majority of the people who fail to make it to the top and they would gradually see the change in their results once they start practicing.

Have you ever failed at any point and can you think of the reasons why you failed? We all have our own reasons, for some of us its the time management, economy ,resources, knowledge, skills .

Have you ever observed or you know of people who have the best of everything and yet they don’t just achieve as much, and then there are people who barely have any resources but reach the pinnacle of success. What’s the difference between people who have all the resources and then not reaching where they want to reach and there are people who have barely any resources and are making it.

Majority of the people who are stuck in their career and they aren’t growing as world class leaders, is because they operate with M.M.S-Missing Mindset Syndrome.

Are you chasing that missing element and you feel unfulfilled ? You feel that just if I had that right boss, right team, that right job opportunity , right environment, things would have been different for me. I would have been successful.

What you don’t realize is that the missing element will be everywhere you go. That missing element is not outside, it is inside of you, you are carrying that feeling of lack everywhere you go and you will take that feeling of lack to your new business, your new job. It will always be inside you and this becomes our major obstacle to step into our greatness and it blocks your success. Most of the time, you know what you want, you feel motivated, you want to do it but every time you ask yourself this question, of how, how am I going to do it , if I am missing on my certifications, I don’t have those courses, I don’t have the budget , I don’t have the knowledge , what you are doing this every single day you are operating out of MMS, missing mindset syndrome and this completely blocks your success.

Those 5 % leaders that you see standing head and shoulder above the rest, they are the ones who operated with AMS- Abundance Mindset Syndrome.

They make that conscious shift from MMS to AMS which means that they are operating telling themselves that they work with a habit of making the best of what they have. They focus on their strengths , they know that whatever they have is in abundance to what they need. An essential part of leadership is defined by an ability to look into the future and come away with valuable insights and ideas and that happens when you develop AMS. It’s not about ignoring those problems and making a fool out of yourself, it’s all about taking that conscious shift that whatever I have right now is the best and I have got to use this to whatever level I can to move to where I want to go. That’s when you begin to be a great world class leader who looks broadly at the environment. You come up with new ideas and you are very creative. You are taking that attention away from that missing factor and putting it to the abundance factor in your life. It makes a very big difference. You can begin to influence your business, clients, and employees.

Do I focus on what I have or what I don’t have? Am I an M.M.S or A.M.S person? Every single day ask yourself this question.

I hope this helps in your journey. Share + practice + debate this with your teams and tell me your learnings.

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani


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