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How to improve your negotiation skills ? #ASKPAYAL

When we work, we often come across disagreements, conflicts, and disputes over a particular decision, within the team itself. But how to tackle it, is the actual test.

Negotiation brings out a medium of settlement and conversation between the two persons or parties. You negotiate, discuss and settle things and maintain this work theme at every meeting, project, etc. A strong negotiator is bold even to tackle the dispute and settle the differences on a professional level.

Negotiation skills are critical. Life and business are a series of negotiations.

Whether you are negotiating a contract for a new job, creating a business, partnering, or negotiating with your spouse, negotiation in your life is unavoidable and often it is uncomfortable for most.

There are four stages of negotiations which I call it as PECPS:

P- Prepare - Do some pre-work about it. What do you want? Why do you want to ?

E- Explore- Ask questions to get some more information.

C-Connect- Build trust with the other person.

P-Propose -Put forth your proposal now when you have completed steps

1,2 and 3.

S-Summarize - Bring that person to the center of his or her thoughts by summarizing your points.

Hope this helps in your journey to success.

Your mentor + Friend

Payal Nanjiani

Negotiation is unavoidable and critical!

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