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Payal's response:

In today’s business world, leaders do not have to only make good and sound decisions ,they have to make quick decisions and really tough ones. The art of mastering how to make good decisions are so imperative in this world today. I have noticed that there are so many leaders who avoid making hard decisions or if they really have to, they will base it on one or out of these three rationalizations. They will start to see if it’s fair to everyone, they will start to see if everyone’s feelings and emotions have been considered and they will start thinking about what the results will look like. Every time that you avoid making a decision and every time that you base your decision on one of these three rationalizations, its bound to take you onto a downward spiral, its bound to have a negative impact on your growth as well as on the company’s results.

So rather than avoiding making decisions or making a decision based on all these factors which creates a tug of war inside of you and they create a fear zone of whether it’s the right decision, should I go ahead or not or rather than just asking everyone around you whether your decision is correct or not, I am sharing with you five powerful questions and every time you need to make a decision, ask yourself these questions. You will begin to get clear on your thoughts and actions.

Here they are:

1) Is my decision based on my feelings?
2) Am I making decisions based on extreme emotions?
3) Is my decision based on fear or hope?
4) Am I guided by what I should do or what I must do?
5) Is my decision taken with a view to please someone or to follow the herd?

Once you check marks on them, you can be rest assured that you as a leader are going to go on the right path. You have built that power within you because making a decision is always hard but it isn’t as hard as we make it. Once you know the root of the decision, once you know the basis of why you are making that decision, once you go through these five statements, you will know what is the root of your decision. Is it on fear, is it on someone’s feelings or your emotions, is it just you are following everybody else. Once you know the root, making that decision will become much easier.

Of course there are many other factors on how you can take the right decisions and on how are clients able to move ahead with speed and serenity just one decision after the other, but for starters I would encourage you to start looking at these five statements and start to apply them and see the change in your results. You will be able to at least move ahead and navigate through your challenges and come out as a winner making the right choice.

Hope this is of much value to you in your journey to success.

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