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How to overcome procrastination? #ASKPAYAL

Question:- How to overcome procrastination?

Payal's response:

If you really want to achieve more, if you want to move ahead with speed, if you really want to make sure that your actions are massive and you’re moving ahead then you have to go beyond the time management tools, you have to go beyond what you read on overcoming procrastination.

There is one mantra that I usually share with my clients and I’m going to share that with you today. It is something that has personally helped me tremendously to achieve more and it has helped my clients to become high performers and achievers. If you constantly remind yourself of this mantra, if you keep practicing it, I can almost assure you my friends that you will go beyond time management tools, you would change the definition of time and procrastination.

The mantra is, “The end is any moment, I must move ahead.”

Now I have this mantra posted everywhere around me in my office, my team has it around them, I have it in my home, my clients have it in front of them because it has proven to increase the speed of their action, to help them become high performers.

We all have a very limited time in our career life, it’s not that we are here to stay forever, we have to empty the platform one day and let somebody else take it up so while we are here, we might as well achieve and we fulfill what we want to fulfill. Now every time I hear from my clients that all of a sudden there are layoffs or there is a death of a colleague or there is all of a sudden business closures and failures and retirements and people relocating to another country, etc. and all of a sudden you are like okay, I just am leaving this team, leaving this environment, I didn’t fulfill what I had to fulfill. So the truth of the matter is that the end is inevitable, we all are going to face it and none of us know how our professional lives will end and when and how it is going to happen, no one knows. However, as a leader and as an entrepreneur you definitely have control over your feelings when the end comes.

Answer this for me. Would you really waste any of your talents, your time, your skills, would you let your dreams be dreams if you knew that the end is inevitable and that it is going to dawn upon each of us and we all will have a moment when we will leave the professional world and we will have to move on in some way or we may just move on to another place? How you would like your end to be is completely in your control. Would you like an end that is full of grudges, professional crutches and negativity and anxiety and unfulfilled goals and dreams or would you rather want an end that is full of passion, full of happiness, and great work relationships? How would you want your end to be? Would you want your end to be like a master or a victim or would you like to end as an achiever or a low performer, this is completely in your control.

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