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Individuals who believe that their talents can be developed over time, are said to have a growth mindset. Talent matters with a lasting growth and only a few out of thousands are successful in establishing a successful business. Leaders are responsible not just for leading talent but also for helping individuals in growing their potential.

Through the podcasts, she goes one on one with the world's most accomplished and insightful people on how they made it to the top and how you can too.

In one of the episodes of THE PAYAL NANJIANI LEADERSHIP PODCAST with Sanjay Sinha global CHRO, Sanjay says that there are some fatal mistakes that some leaders make when they are looking at their top talent.

The biggest one is taking them for granted. They presume that they are in their company and they will stay on with the company irrespective of whatever. Appreciation has come only at the time of resignation of the worker. Another such mistake is pampering too much. By pampering too much, you create a class of employees within the employee segment. As he says, different sets of people are treated differently which creates a very bad vibe in the system. It is extremely important to pay their aspirational needs. Top talent has needs that make them keen to learn, perform, deliver and rise, and if the company is not tuned to meet these needs then there is a chance of losing these talents. These are the three biggest mistakes leaders make while managing their top talent.

Sanjay shared some leadership lessons he has learned in his journey. As said by him, lead by example, and also nobody is infallible. Be sure what you are capable of and for what you are not, find somebody in your team who can take that task and do it. Second, don't micromanage because when you micromanage people, you are not being fair to their careers. Third thing is that when you give a task to a team, show them the big picture. Give yourself time to think. When you don't take out time to think, your learning stops.

To him, leadership is about making ordinary people do extraordinary things in life.

Hear the full episode to know the secrets of growing and optimize the benefits of the lessons and experiences shared by our guests.



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