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I've observed so many people kill themselves at their jobs, working late and on weekends, happy hour networking, staying in close proximity to the boss, taking up more work and sacrificing themselves and their aspirations at the cost of their families.

Let me tell you, these leaders are invaluable. Yes, they are invaluable to their role, which means that instead of letting them grow and rise, their boss sees them as a taskmaster and and holds them back and keeps them exactly where they are, because they know that no one else would do so much work. Too many leaders now have become accustomed to giving their best at their job, and so there is cutthroat competition among the so-called hard working people.

In the organization, hard work does not move you much from where you are to where you want to be. You need to analyze your game and play it differently now, on or else someone else around you will be more than happy to leverage your weakness. At every level you have to play the game better to win.

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Payal Nanjiani

Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach


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