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Knowing how to leverage your Fears

Fear; don’t let this 4 letter word undermine your strength and curiosity rather make sure you battle it out and use it in your journey of leadership. Leaders need to consider their fears as their strength rather than getting scared and running away from the pinnacle of success.

In one of the episodes of The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast, I spoke about the leadership word FEAR.

Every leader faces fear. Great leaders manage fear and leverage it to build better teams. They don’t pretend it’s not there, they don’t try to run away from it, and they don’t try to fight with it either. They have simply learned how to use fear.

Fear is an energy. That voice telling you to be afraid could actually be one of the most effective leadership tools you have if you just know how to distinguish between rational and irrational fear.

Rational fear helps you to imagine and prepare for the worst possible outcome. This way you and your teams are mentally prepared for any experience.

Irrational fear is like overthinking. It’s like I’m just afraid to take that step. There is no reason for that fear but you just create it.

Distinguish between rational and irrational fear. It is this fear that makes you imagine what the future holds and it could be in a very positive way. It actually helps you and your team to feel excited about what you are working towards and that helps you to reduce the fear in turn.

Here are the 10 ways to help you deal with fear:

#1 Identify your fear

# 2 Check if the fear is of advantage to you

# 3 Determine the source of fear

#4 Invest time in yourself

# 5 Develop the courage

# 6 Build on your faith

# 7 Take the action you want to

# 8 Talk about it

# 9 Be in the Now

#10 Don’t imagine something that does not exist

When you are in fear, isolate yourself from the rest of the result and work on the action steps that can help you to eliminate or reduce that fear.

I encourage you to take courage and focus on what opportunities the fear will bring your way and then leverage it so that you will be truly an unstoppable leader.

May your choices be a reflection of your hopes and not your fears

Share + practice + debate this with your teams and tell me your learnings.

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