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Lead With Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving and while you’re preparing your dishes and driving routes, I want to offer you a word of gratitude.

One of the many things I admire about President Lincoln is the ability that he had to look beyond his circumstances to see better things because of, which let his faith become sight and spurred him to gratitude.

Having coached numerous executives, I’ve seen few executives express gratitude at work.

Every leader I’ve coached, I’ve helped with ways to lead with gratitude and make it their work culture.

I’ve seen how when they begin to lead with gratitude, it boosts employee engagement, reduces turnover, and leads team members to express more gratitude to one another — strengthening team bonds. It also helps you as a leader to improve your performance and impact.

I am big on gratitude. What you think about and focus on grows. What you appreciate begins to appreciate.

Gratitude is a positive emotion we must carry with us daily to the workplace. It’s not reserved for special days like Thanksgiving.

If you’ve read my book Success Is Within (the very first of my leadership books I wrote in 2017, which sold well in Corporate America), you must have read the chapter ‘Be Grateful.’

Appreciate your good health. Appreciate your team, your job, your salary, your talents, your skills, your opportunities, and your challenges. Appreciate your gifts, friends, work, and life, and perception begins to shift.

What about you? When this day rolls around, what will you see in your life that deserves a moment of gratitude?

Your Good Friend + Mentor Payal Nanjiani Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach

Date : 25 November,2022


Happy Thanksgiving to all !



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