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Today I want to talk to you about the leadership myths that I have been hearing in one of my video slides titled - Top 11 Leadership Myths Debunked. I wrote about the top leadership myths that block our thinking and prevent us from playing back. So I'll quickly tell you at least three of them here.

Number one:

The myth that I have heard the most is that leaders must be extroverts. Well, most of the leaders, successful leaders, that I know are introverts. In my own life, as much as you hear me speaking on stage or in boardrooms, I am an introvert. I stay away from socialising. I don't talk much in social groups.

So the point I'm bringing out here is - Leaders can be extroverts or introverts. The basic thing is that they must be good human beings with the purpose to serve the people, the organisation and the country.

Number two:

The second myth that I have always heard is, "If I am a leader, I have influence." Well, not really. I know of CEO's who lack influence and I know of individual contributors who have great influence.

Influence is a much needed leadership quality and it does not come with position or title. It has to be built overtime.

Number three:

The myth that I have always heard is that it's lonely at the top. Yes it is. If you want to be alone then it is lonely at the top. But if you build a circle of influence, if you take your people along with you, then the scope of being lonely at the top is less.

I hope this helps in your journey towards success.

Your Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

Connect with me on Instagram here @payalnanjiani

Date : 8 May, 2023


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