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Attitude is inbuilt, often neglected, and considered a negative attribute. There is a slight difference between attitude and ego. Your attitude tells who you are, whereas your ego shows what you are. Right work attitude will lead to more incredible leadership tasks and favorable outcomes.

It is said that there are only two animals on the planet the creator identified with.

The first is the eagle, and the second is the lion. The lion has an attitude of leadership. The leaders have an attitude that makes them different and stands amongst the crowd. Interestingly, the lion is neither the tallest nor the smartest nor the fastest nor the largest animal; yet when the lion shows up, it just creates an impact. He has an effect like no one else.

Lion is the king of the jungle because of one-word ATTITUDE. I don’t mean that you lead by fear or people run away when they see you and get scared.

What I mean is that when I say the word attitude, for example, when a lion sees an elephant, the word that comes to his mind is lunch, food, and so he acts according to how he thinks. The elephant is bigger, stronger, and heavier than the lion, but when the elephant sees the lion, it thinks eater. It is going to eat me up. So the elephant acts accordingly and begins to run. Attitude is about what you believe about yourself.

Having coached so many people across the globe, I have been speaking at various companies to different leaders. I have noticed that with the best training we have, with the best of the resources, somewhere, we are falling short on our attitude.

One of the most important steps you can take towards achieving your most significant leadership potential is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your workplace.

And, what is this attitude?

It’s about how you look at life, things, and yourself. What you think about yourself determines how you respond to situations and people at your workplace. Each day, you have to ask yourself, “what attitude do I carry with me to my work?

A poor attitude about ourselves stops us from recognizing our inherent gifts and talents. You know, we have the talent, the skills, the education, the resources, and the work at some of the best companies in the world.

We have the most outstanding teams, yet we undermine ourselves and our leadership ability. We are constantly falling short on our leadership. Changing how we feel about ourselves is now more important than any other skill or training of leadership. Each of us can work hard and get great results, provided we work on building a great leadership attitude. Your attitude at your work is your choice.

The external environment in an office itself is very neutral. It’s your perceptions and reactions that give meaning to the external environment. So I want to ask you, in the future, what meaning you will put to situations and people around you because this determines your inherited attitude.

Leaders with a great attitude tend to demonstrate some of these attributes of trust, taking risks, courage, humility, cheerfulness, a lot of responsibility, passion, and drive. Your attitude has a profound impact on the way you will lead people. And a key element to building a very high positive attitude is to practice disciplined thinking.

As a leader, your attitude is contagious. Your attitude sets the tone for the entire team, the organization, and your internal and external stakeholders. Your attitude finally will determine what culture the organization creates because culture is never talked down to.

Work on your attitude. Your attitude is your greatest leadership asset.

Hope this helps in your journey toward success.

Your Good Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani




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