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Step into your success

What would it feel like to know in your thoughts, heart, mind, and the very depth of your soul that you are born to be successful, regardless of anything?

Most people are not living their dreams. A lot of people never do things they wanna do. Most people live an average life. A 9–5 life going paycheck to paycheck. They’ve stopped believing that they are meant to lead an extraordinary life. They settle for whatever they get. They doubt themselves. They let others decide their path. They work in a survival mode and fear rejection and failure. You are here to create an impact, do something extraordinary, and fulfill your dreams. But sadly, many of us leave our professional lives feeling unfulfilled and regretting.

So if you want to lead an extraordinary life, if you want to succeed in life, if you want to get from where you want to be, you have got to ask yourself this question- do I step into my success each day? People who don’t make a conscious choice each day to step into their success are the ones who wait for directions, who wait for circumstances to change. They are the ones who have to be told where to go. They are always in the waiting mode and people who do step into their success, act as unique people. They have a deep-end purpose. They create their goal and keep moving ahead no matter what. They don’t have to be told what the next step is. They just take that action.

To be successful at what you do, you do need to be extraordinary at your skills or talents. What you also need is a success mindset. What type of mindset do you go to work with every single day? Do you wake up every single morning feeling like a victim or do you wake up and act like a person in charge? What you think about yourself is the way you behave and most of us are programmed to think of ourselves as average and so we produce average results. You have to believe that you are here to thrive. You have got to believe that there is success within you. Don’t let your current reality consume you. Don’t let other people’s opinions around you define you. Don’t live an average life and never settle for less.

Discover that you are important to your organization and your people. You are here to make a mark. You are here to do something different, something significant. Commit yourself to developing a success mindset that changes the way you see yourself and the way you see the world.

You will become that impactful leader that you are born to be when you decide to consciously step into your success. There are times in your career when you will fail, fall, and face challenges but that’s the time for you to reinvent and step into your success. Begin today to step into your success by asking yourself what success means to you. Each of us has a unique definition of success. For me success means making a difference in the lives of people, it means adding value to your lives so that you can be a successful leader. You cannot step into success if you do not know the definition of success for yourself. What does success look like for your team, have you ever checked on this?

Your behavior is a result of your belief. We act on what we believe which means If you feel successful from the inside, your success follows you everywhere, if you feel like a failure, you take failure with you everywhere. it does not matter which organization you are working for. Success does follow and you need to pursue it. If you feel negative, you carry negativity with you to your workplace and vice versa. What are you carrying with you daily to your workplace, success or failure? Are you inside of your abundance or lack because what you take inside the organization is what the organization will give back to you? When it comes to success, success is a hat that changes heads often.

We are all working hard each day, we are making sure that we are putting in a lot of effort. But what if you didn’t get success after all your hard work? What if for 5 years you did everything possible to get into that position you wanted only to know that your colleague got it? What if your business is thriving and your spouse’s company relocates him or her to another city where you would need to restart that business? Most people give up on pursuing success. Many believe that success has a limited source which is not achievable by everyone and that you have got to be amongst the lucky few to get that. Some people even feel that there is no such thing as success in their life. The main reason for this feeling is the belief that the majority of us hold that success is outwardly and your belief will lead to your action and your results.

Most of us believe that success in our career is because of the economy, the peer, the boss, the right team, the right place, right work environment. You cannot be dependent on external factors, you cannot wait for success to happen. Many people tell me, I feel successful when I achieve my goals, or I will feel successful if I become a director at this company, or I will feel successful if I just get 25 clients this year. Most of us have been conditioned to think that success is something that will happen in the future and that is the reason, we concentrate so much on the future, on the results in a way that increases our stress and anxiety.

Success is within you and you do not have to wait until you reach a certain age, goal, or accomplishment. Think about it, is achievement making you genuinely feel successful? What if you don’t achieve? Now, how do you feel? Do you feel like a failure? Do you criticize yourself and beat yourself up saying that you are good for nothing? And so until you achieve and prove yourself, you continue working with the feeling of failure and self-sabotage and when you continue your work with these types of feelings, your energy depletes and your state of mind is disturbed. All of this influences your actions, your decisions, and ultimately your results.

When I share this with you, I remember Ben Hogan, a prizewinning golfer. It was the year 1950, US Open, that was his first tournament after his car crashed into a bus. It was a crash by all logic that should have killed Ben. It almost certainly would have killed Ben but it seems just before the impact, Ben Hogan leaned over to protect his wife, and this move not only saved her life but his own. He fractured his collarbone, pelvis, ankle, and ribs and the doctors proclaimed that his golf career was over.60 days later, Ben Hogan was at the US open. This proves when you carry success within you, you can achieve whatever you want, wherever you are. Your outer success is dependent on your inner success. None of us knows what’s next in our career, nor should we even worry about it.

Success needs to be built from the inside out, not from the outside. Our business world has tempted us to believe whatever you get from outside is true success. Well, there is a stellar performer within each of us but most of the time we have handcuffed it with our ego, fear, doubts, stress, anxieties, tension, and lack of belief in ourselves. None of us are born any luckier than anyone else. Career Life gives us a fair chance. It gives a fair chance to everyone to excel. The difference is some bring out the stellar performance from within and some search to nurture it from the externals. If you chase after success, it will evaluate you. You are chasing a shadow that will disappear in darkness and leave you lost. Never talk about the future or past tense. Rather than saying I will be successful when I….. say I am successful, this one mantra when applied will change your thinking and will create behaviors in you that will take you to great heights.

Never talk about in the future or past tense

Your Good Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach

Connect with me on Instagram here @payal Nanjiani

Date: 19 November 2022





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