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The Best leadership advice from top leaders in the world

The Payal Nanjiani Leadership podcast presents the Best advice from Top leaders in the world.

The year 2022 has come to an end. I am sure we all have had our share of disappointments and opportunities. And I know you being a great leader, you must have embraced it all to finish strong in the end.

I am grateful for many things in my career that happened in 2022 and I am happy to welcome the New year 2023 with you. And as we move towards the new year and end this current year, as a thank you to our wonderful listeners worldwide, my team and I thought of doing something special for you awesome people who are constantly working on self improvement and on making yourself a world class leader.

So what we’ve done is today’s episode is a very special episode and it is titledAdvice from the Top leaders”.

This is a compilation of the best career and success advice given by some of the most successful leaders and CEOs who have been a guest on my podcast in the year 2022.These leaders have been generous to come on the podcast and share their experience and journey to help many of us grow and succeed at our work.

Many of you ask me questions of how I should approach my career in the coming year? What does it take to be successful? How do I become great at what I’m doing? I think all of this advice will help you put together all the tips and techniques you want to apply in the current year. So this episode would not have been possible without these wonderful leaders.

Here is the link to the podcast special episode, some Leadership advice from the World’s Top leaders.

Episode link:

Hope this helps you in your journey towards success.

Your good friend + mentor

Payal Nanjiani


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