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Anxiety of the future is the consequences of your imagination running

wild. You are suffering a situation that may never happen. I understand it's necessary for leaders to look above the horizon and predict what the future of the business and the career would look like, but those who think a lot about the future and get paralysed with it will only keep thinking about their future and do nothing in the present. Do your present and the future will happen to you.

I always tell leaders that if you can take care of your today and give your best today,

your tomorrow will be taken care of in the best possible way. Just think about it.

How can you lead with authority and strength when you yourself be anxious? How can you be inspire and motivate others when your mind and heart are racing? And if you hide the fear in an attempt to be a leader like where does it go now?

Anxiety, of course, has a purpose.

It protects us from harm.

But too much of anxiety about the future can harm our decision and strip us of

our confidence.

Your anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the future but wanting to

control it. Never let the future disturb you. Worrying about the future outcomes over which you have absolutely no control is like living that ordeal twice, once in the mind and once, if it ever happens again and then you're just punishing yourself before the universe has decided whether you ought to be punished or not. So plan your future, look over the horizon and make your plans,

but do this not with doubt, but with complete faith.

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Payal Nanjiani

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