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 "The extent to which you grow is the extent to which your team,    your income and your organization will grow."-Payal Nanjiani

I recently spoke about the word 'Growth' in my Leadership In a Minute series on The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast.

I have observed that many of us in the corporate world do not focus on our growth. Now of course growth does not only mean position and titles. True growth happens

when you expand yourself internally to get your results externally.

We all work on everything else but on growing ourselves. Growth is something we do on purpose each day. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, that happens when you intentionally focus on your growth. It's an everyday process. The growth wheel is based on the principle that - "growth is not accidental,it is intentional". Don't leave your growth to your luck, your boss, your circumstances, or to your company.

You have got to stop blaming it out there and make sure you take charge of your growth. Every day check if you are on track and if your growth plan is shaping up.


  • Do I have a growth plan?

  • Is my growth just happening accidentally or is it intentional?

Growth is not ACCIDENTAL, it is INTENTIONAL.

Hope this helps in your journey toward success.

Your Good Friend + MentorPayal Nanjiani


Want to know more about Growth, listen to this podcast episode, here.  



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