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How to deal with any challenges ? #Askpayal

Today’s question comes from Sneha from Bangalore, India, who has asked — How to deal with any challenges ? #Askpayal

Challenges are a part of anyone’s life. Any human being who has a goal, has a dream, has a vision, and is definitely going to face some challenges, obstacles, one or the other.

A man has his own challenges in the corporate world, and so does a woman. So if you begin to label challenges based on gender and color, it’s really not going to take you anywhere much.

So rather than that, I usually suggest to people that see the challenge as it is and think of ways to overcome it, don’t think of it based on your gender or anything else.

Secondly, I would say keep your power within you.

Don’t allow someone else to determine your worth. You will be ultimately recognized for your work and accepted for the value that you bring to the table. So it’s really not the country or the gender or the color. It’s the value.

So everyone must choose what value they want to bring. And rather than focusing on giving the power outside, you can focus more, more towards it. Because ultimately, I think each of us has to choose one of the pains, either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

You have to decide which pain you’re okay to live with. And that would decide how you approach these challenges and how you can put your share in to make the workplace more inclusive.

I hope this helps in your journey towards success.

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Date : 27 February, 2023


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