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What is the difference between people who have the best resources but aren't getting anywhere in their career life and people who barely have resources but are making it to the top?

The difference, my friend, is that some are looking for resources outside and some are tapping these resources within themselves. With the recession forcing us to make do with whatever we have, being resourceful is now a necessary skill for today's generation of leaders.

It is not simply about making you know of doing more with less, rather, what it truly means is the realisation that you can do more with less because you and your team are more capable than you ever believed. All of the resources that are necessary for progress are within you, my friend. You are born to be successful. You are born to be resourceful.

We all originate from the universe, and the universe is powerful and resourceful, and the same has been bestowed upon each of us. Each of us, my friend, has so many inner resources to move ahead successfully.

Outside resources are limited, but inner resources are limitless. Outside resources can decrease, but inner resources always increase. Inner resources generates the outer resources. We've got to tap into our inner power to move ahead without depending on the outer resources.

I hope this helps in your journey toward success,

Your Good Friend + Mentor

Payal Nanjiani

Leadership Expert | Author| Executive Coach

Date : 5 May, 2023


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