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Well, I believe that you can never lead others unless until you can lead yourself.

And so the five things I do each day, beginning from my morning, are number one yoga and meditation.

Starting on a positive note can really make your day.

Instead of diving straight into my daily tasks, I prefer to do something that makes me feel good first. Number two self-reflection. I think it's essential to understand your self at the deeper level, and that requires you to sit alone in solitude and reflect. Number three. Unleash the potential in others. Through my coaching and my trainings every single day, I help people around the world to be the best version of themselves.

The fourth thing that I do every day is read and write. My fourth book is under publication, and this happened only because every single day I write and I read, I increase my learning and my knowledge, which I can share around the globe.

And number five, I practice gratitude whenever I am confronted with stress and anger.

I repeat this simple yet very powerful two word mantra to myself. Thank you.

And I remind myself how grateful and fortunate I am to be a part of this journey of helping others achieve their best. So this is my daily routine and I'm sure you have yours. What's important to remember is that consistency is better than intensity.

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